S E N A T O R  J E F F   B I N G A M A N ' S

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Close up photo of William Dean Wilson, a Navajo Code Talker.  Mr. Wilson wears a uniform with medals and is facing the camera.  

A color photograph of the U.S. Capitol, seen from the West Front.  Two large stairways rise upward on either side, and the Capitol dome rises prominently.  

The Congressional Gold Medal Ceremony was held in the Capitol Rotunda on July 26, 2001, witnessed by a standing-room-only audience.

On November 24, 2001, the Navajo Nation held the Congressional Silver Medal Ceremony at the Fair Grounds in Window Rock, Arizona, with over 3,000 people in attendance to witness this historic occasion.

Color photograph showing a close up of the first Congressional Gold Medal, a coin-shaped medal with an embossed profile of George Washington, who faces right.  

Among the various forms of recognition that Congress bestows, the Congressional Gold and Silver Medals are often considered the most distinguished.  Through this venerable tradition, Congress has expressed public gratitude on behalf of the nation for distinguished contributions for more than two centuries.

Black and white photo of several Navajo Code Talkers being sworn in at an outdoors ceremony.  

During World War II, at a time when the Japanese possessed the ability to break almost any American military code, the Navajo stepped forward and developed the most significant and successful military code of the time.



Graphic insignia of the Marine Corps.  

So successful was this innovative code that military commanders credited it with saving the lives of countless American soldiers and with the successful engagements of the U.S. in the battles of Guadalcanal, Tarawa, Saipan, Iwo Jima, and Okinawa.

Black and white photo of two young Navajo Code Talkers sitting near their camp outside.  Both face the camera.  

A gallery of Navajo Code Talker photos.



Color photo of Sam Billison, Ph.D., with Senator Bingaman.  Both men stand side by side and face the camera.
Jeff meets with Sam Billison, Ph.D.
President, Navajo Code Talkers Association

It has taken too long to properly recognize these soldiers, whose achievements have been obscured by twin veils of secrecy and time.